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Tentative KnightMUN Schedule

This schedule is tentative and is subject to minor changes in the coming weeks.

Check-in is from 1pm- 3:30pm in front of the Global Building.

Find parking in Garage D located next to the Global Building*




Check In​:

Please check in with the conference services table outside of the Global Building before the opening ceremony. Here you will receive your delegation’s placards, delegate resource guides, and name tags. If your delegation is paying by check, please be sure to bring your check to conference services at check-in.


Opening Ceremony Begins:

Join us as we kickoff KnightMUNXVIII, room to be announced shortly.

6:00 PM

Committee Session 1

All delegates will begin their first committee session in the Global Building. Room numbers and a campus map will be included in the Delegate Resource Guide.

10:00 PM

Day Ends

Delegations will return to their hotels for the night to prepare for the following day full of committee action. 




Session 2 Begins

The second session of the conference begins bright and early in the morning, the UCF Global building will open for delegations at 8:45am, with delegates allowed inside rooms at 9:00am.


Advisor Breakfast

For more information see the Advisor Resource Guide

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

Session 2 ends, and delegates break for lunch. Food options will be available in the Delegate Resource Guide. 

1:00 PM

Session 3 Begins

Delegates will enter their 3rd session right after lunch. 

5:00 PM

Delegation Dinner

When the third session ends, delegates are encouraged to group with their delegations for a 1.5 hour dinner break.

6:30 PM

Session 4 Begins

Delegates will return from dinner, recharged and ready for another rigorous session. Session 4 will end at 8:45pm

9:00 PM

Delegate Social

Saturday is the toughest day. Which is why we've prepared a special party for all delegates and advisors.



9:30 AM

The Last Session

Session 5 begins at 9:30am on Sunday morning



Because committees may finish at slightly different times, there will be a short period of time between Session 5 and the Awards Ceremony

12:00 PM

Awards Ceremony

The climax of the whole weekend--the Awards Ceremony. Join us in the College of Science Building 101 for the final event of the weekend. The ceremony ends at around 12:15 PM. 

*Parking enforcement on the UCF campus runs until 6:30 PM. Near the staircases in each parking garage, you'll find a parking meter that accepts credit cards. Purchase a temporary parking permit using those meters.