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Amazon Board of Directors

Crisis Coordinator

Maya Kelly

Committee Type

Crisis Committee

Background Guide

What started as a small online book store has now become the largest internet retailer in the United States. Amazon has branched out to online cloud services, consumer electronics, individual sale groceries, and several other ventures. Amazon is currently on track to be worth one trillion dollars, a record first set by Apple.

With their recent acquisition of Whole foods, Amazon is able to have physical retail space across the United States for the first time, allowing Amazon to market its grocery delivery service. In 2015 Amazon surpassed Walmart in becoming the most valuable retailer in the United States. Amazon has been under fire for allegedly violating antitrust laws, mistreatment of its workers, and the fact that Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world.

The Board of Directors has decided to convene at the beautiful Global UCF building to discuss the future of Amazon. With increasing profits on their mind, the Board of Directors hope to be profitable and address the controversies at hand while maintaining their image as one of the largest online retailers.

The Dais

Maya Kelly

Crisis Coordinator

Maya Kelly is a third-year Animal Science and AECCLD major on the pre-veterinary track at the University of Florida. She has been in Model UN for five years, directed at GatorMUN XV, and is the current USG of Crisis Committees for GatorMUN XVI. In Maya’s free time, she volunteers at an animal hospital, serves as a resident assistant on campus, watches anything and everything superhero related, and daydreams about her next trip to Disney. After she becomes a veterinarian, she looks forward to traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and people.


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