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United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs

With the beginning of space travel in the mid-1900’s, the United Nations (UN) recognized the significant impact space would have; and thus on December 13th, 1958, the UN Secretariat created a small unit, the ad-hoc Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. In 1959, this committee was permanently established as the UN realized that space exploration would continue to flourish. In 1962, the unit was transferred from the ad hoc committee to the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs which was eventually transformed into the Outer Space Affairs Division in 1968. It maintained this status until 1992 when it became the Office for Outer Space Affairs within the Department and in 1993, the Office was relocated to the UN Office at Vienna where it currently resides and presides over outer space affairs.


This session of the UNSpace will call to action one of the following important topics: Economic impact of Space Exploration, and the Space Debris Issue.