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Kamikaze: Divine Winds, 1274

The year is 1274. The Kamakura Shogunate stands at the precipice. The Mongol Hordes of the West claims the Mandate of Heaven and demand tribute from the Shogunate. To the East there are whispers of dissent from loyal vassals, and religious leaders promoting further dissent in the countryside. Even the Capital was not spared of the uncertainty as a vicious power struggle unfolds between two brothers who hope to succeed the Emperor. You have been summoned as a member of the Council of State, to advise the Regent and Shogun through these uncertain times. You were selected not only because of blood ties, skill or loyalty, but because of your ruthlessness and cunning. But be warned. Your friends and colleagues are not your allies. For they too seek to influence the regent for their agenda. Do you have the resolve to sacrifice own interests and ideals for the Shogun or do you have what it takes to secure your own legacy during the chaos and forge a new path for the Shogunate?