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Renovatio Imperii: The Sancrum Consistorium of Emperor Justinian, 532 CE

 The year is 532 CE and the West has fallen and been occupied by Barbarian kings for nearly sixty years. Earlier this year, Constantinople was beset by a week of riots unlike anything seen since the collapse of the West itself that saw nearly half of the city burn. Less than a week ago, Emperor Justinian signed an Eternal Peace with the Sasanians to the East after a five-year war over Armenia that saw total Roman victory.

The mighty and august Emperor Justinian, victor of the Iberian War, has convened a meeting with the Imperial cabinet: The Sacrum Consistorium, a body made up of the most senior and skilled administrators, generals, and governors in the Empire whose wise policy will be used to rule the nation. The members of the cabinet have a unique opportunity to reshape history: Constantinople is a clean slate ready to be remade into a shining city of marble, there is peace in the Orient, the armies are disciplined and ready for war, and the treasury is overflowing from war indemnities and good administrative policies.

Today is a new day in the Roman Empire. It has been no less than fifty years since the West was unjustly seized from direct Imperial rule. Memory of the glory days of the Empire still linger in the public consciousness. Will you be the leaders who restore our Empire’s once great might and see your names live on for all eternity, or will you be the tyrants who sow the seeds of Rome’s final decline and relegation into the dustbin of history? Will you make Rome once again center of the world? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?