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Dorian Price

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General Assembly

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The International Atomic Energy Agency's purpose is to prevent the spread of nuclear proliferation and to research peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. The agency has encouraged cooperation between nations and worked for world peace since 1957. Progress in the fields of agriculture, medicine, and energy are results of the international collaboration the IAEA advocates. The IAEA has been vital in easing tensions between nations and creating a stable and peaceful world through its research. It stands to ensure security in nuclear matters and a helping hand in humanitarian ones.

The Dais

Dorian Price


Dorian Price is a senior at UCF majoring in International Relations with a minor in Legal studies. He is deeply interested in politics, history, philosophy and law. Especially from an international perspective. Outside of academics he enjoys learning languages, film, painting and martial arts. He studies Mandarin, Russian and French language and when he has enough time enjoys practicing and learning about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He intends to pursue law school after his degree.


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Through monitoring how Member States use their nuclear materials and technology the IAEA serves a crucial role in guaranteeing that the  nuclear materials and technology are being utilized for peaceful purposes. This is done through safeguards that monitor how the nuclear materials are being used and maintained. With these measures and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) they act as cornerstones in keeping stability amongst nuclear states.

This session of the International Atomic Energy Agency will meet to discuss the reality and practicality of nuclear energy as a source of clean energy for Member States. Delegates are expected to come prepared to discuss the challenges and barriers Member States face when establish nuclear energy and focus resolutions on addressing these barrier.