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UN Peacekeeping


Firaz Motiwala

Committee Type

General Assembly

Background Guide

United Nations Peacekeeping is at the forefront of the United Nations mission and mandate, as set forth in the preamble of the UN Charter “uniting our strength to maintain international peace and security.” However, peacekeeping operations do not receive adequate supported needed to carry out their function properly. To rectify this, the United Nations and its Member States need a more strategic and coordinated approach to training, to ensure peacekeeping operations have the access to the right people with the right skill sets. Solving issues such as limited field support, materials, and equipment, among other things, lies in a limited budget laid forth by the General Assembly. The approved budget for UN Peacekeeping operations for the fiscal year represents a 7.5% reduction from the approved budget during the 2016-2017 fiscal year, yet demand for peacekeeping has not fallen and the challenges and obstacles peacekeepers are facing are only increasing.

Delegates will be debating the continuous challenges faced by Peacekeeping and Peacekeeper missions. Delegates should be expected to address the issues of economics, empowering women, and the future of peacekeeping missions over intensive debate and comprehensive resolutions.

The Dais

Firaz Motiwala


Firaz Motiwala graduated in the Spring of 2018 from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Political Science. Firaz intends to continue his education by going to graduate school with the eventual goal of becoming a college professor. Throughout his college career, Firaz has taken a great interest in Model United Nations, competing from his very first semester at Valencia College. Now that his college career is at an end, his focus has now shifted to assisting the MUN Team at his former colleges and staffing conferences, such as KnightMUN. He likes to travel, the Miami Heat, and horror films.


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