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Fall of North Korea


Roshnaey Khattak

Committee Type

Specialized General Assembly

Background Guide

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been unstable since it is a conception in the 1940s. After the Korean peninsula had established autonomy from Japanese colonial rule, on 9 September 1948, Kim Il Sung declared the northern portion of the Korean Peninsula to be the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, whereby also establishing the Kim Regime The Kim Regime has become one of the longest lasting ruling family dynasties in modern history and has grown to be comparable to royalty. Kim Il Sung was the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea until his death on July 8, 1994. During his rule, Kim Il Sung established a government that was based on the Juch’e philosophy.The Juch’e Ideology emphasizes the importance of a self-fulfilling state that is inspired by Marxist and Leninist ideologies.Because of the robust implementation of Juch’e ideologies and the cult of personality of the ruling members of the Kim Dynasty, North Korea has managed to become one of the most isolated states in the world. Because of the extreme vetting of information that leaves the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the International Community has very little dependable information regarding the internal state of affairs of the state. 

Delegates will begin the committee in the futuristic setting after the fall of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea. Delegates will face a number of challenges as Chinese government officials as they attempt to address this international crisis. 

The Dais

Roshnaey Khattak


Roshnaey Khattak will be serving as the Director for the Specialized General Assembly on the Fall of North Korea. Roshnaey is a Junior pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Statistics. This will be her second time staffing with KnightMUN, previously she was a crisis staffer for the Angolan Civil War for KnightMUN XVI. When not doing MUN, Roshnaey enjoys spending time dancing, playing soccer and spending time with her two dogs, Laila and Juneau. Roshnaey also speaks many languages and is constantly in search of the next best Korean restaurant in Orlando. Roshnaey is looking forward to meeting you all in October, and wishes you the best of luck preparing for KnightMun XVII! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact her!



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