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United States Senate


Michael Desmond

Committee Type

Specialized General Assembly

Background Guide

The year is 2021, Donald Trump has just begun his second term as President of the United States. The Republican and Democratic parties are more fractured than ever. In the House of Representatives and in the Senate, the Democrats hold a slight majority. However, this majority does not necessarily mean Democratic control, as the party has become split over the years between the Democratic-Socialist/Progressive wing and the Centrist-Liberal/Moderate wing of the party. The Republican Party, however, has coalesced around Trump’s “Keep America Great!” nationalist agenda, with most of the opposition to Trump having lost their seats in past elections. The Supreme Court is 5-4 in favor of the Republicans.

Senators, during this session of Congress you will be discussing a plethora of issues and you will be responsible for carrying out the will of your constituents. In this background guide, delegates will be given information relating to the current Healthcare debate that the country is embroiled in and the constituents are expecting delegates to pass legislation, or not, regarding this topic. However, delegates should be prepared to discuss other topics such as immigration reform, gun policy reform, and tax policy, in addition to healthcare. 

This Spec GA requires a position paper in the from of a press release. An example of this can be seen here

The Dais

Michael Desmond


Michael Desmond will be directing this committee on the United States Senate. He is a Senior here at UCF pursuing a degree in Political Science - International Relations with a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). After college, he wants to join the Peace Corps and teach English. He has been involved in Model UN for three years, and has been to conferences around the country. At last years KnightMUN he served as the director for the European Union and is excited to be joining KnightMUN this year. Outside of school, he enjoys watching political dramas like Scandal, and cooking!



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