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British House of Commons


Konstantine Grigoras

Committee Type

Specialized General Assembly

Background Guide

Committee Description:The British House of Commons is one of two Houses of Parliament that make up the government of the United Kingdom and is its prime legislative body. However, it would be false to think that it serves as a neutral political body where any citizen of any race, class, or creed can have or always had an equal say. In reality, the House of Commons has always been an organ of class rule since its inception when, in the 13th century, landholders and other major property owners sent representatives to present petitions and grievances to the king and accepted obligations to pay taxes. Thus, by its nature, the House of Commons developed as a body of property owners by property owners and for property owners.

It was inevitable then that the House of Commons and the nascent bourgeoisie that it represented came into conflict with the nobility and what would later form the House of Lords, who depended on hereditary titles for their power and wealth. Eventually, as Britain underwent radical economic and social changes, this bourgeoisie would progressively support causes which allowed them to throw off the feudal chains that limited their power and development.

This committee is a Parliamentary committee as opposed to a General Assembly Committee. That means that the competition will not follow standard parliamentary procedure. Be sure to refer to the Delegate Resources Guide as there are some rules that also apply to our committee. Delegates will be covering a range of issues from Brexit to the National Health Service and should be prepared to discuss more than one topic in a crisis-esque setting. 

The Dais

Konstantine Grigoras


Konstantine Grigoras will be serving as your Speaker of the House for this legislative session. He is a recent graduate of UCF with a degree in Social Science Education and a minor in History. This will be his fourth KnightMUN previously being involved with  MegaCorp. 2075 and Red Stars committees in years before. With his strong interest in both leftist philosophy and British politics, he is very excited to see what kinds of decisions you all will make and whether or not you will succeed in building a country “for the many, not the few.” 


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