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Union of South American Nations


Eleanor Didden

Committee Type

General Assembly

Background Guide

The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is an international and intergovernmental organization, like the United Nations. It is based in Quito, Ecuador and was formed in May of 2008. Traditionally, Western Nations were integrated as part of the Mercosur trade bloc which excluded many of the Andean community. When UNASUR was created, both the Andean community and Mercosur were integrated. UNASUR is often looked at as an integrated South American community that rejects overt US influence.

The Organization of American States may be considered a similar international body, but critics distrust the influence the United States wields in the OAE. UNASUR was first conceived in 2004 at the South American Summit as the South American Community of Nations, defined in the Cuzco Declaration. As of March 2018, the body had 12 members: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela. Mexico and Panama are also consistent observer states; this KnightMUN committee will recognize them as official members in addition to other Member States.

This committee will focus on the issue of cocaine production in the Andean States. Delegates are expected to handle this topic maturely and the subsequent subtopics of  poverty, gang formation, and insurgency groups. With the nature of this topic, delegates will be addressing mature themes and this should be taken into consideration when appointing delegates to this committee.

The Dais

Eleanor Didden


Eleanor Didden is a third year Interdisciplinary Studies student with concentrations in Biological and Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and a minor in religion and Cultural studies. She has served as the Assistant Director for the Ad-Hoc committee at FHSMUN and the Director of the KnightMUN Security Council. She was the head of UCF’s Model UN team last year, and has won awards at multiple national collegiate conferences. She is a pre-med student hoping to go into trauma surgery, and is therefore constantly exhausted. In her free time she enjoys biking, reading true crime novels, and collapsing onto the nearest flat surface to sleep for 14 hours.


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